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Mounts!!!! Your thoughts?

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@Sennar.2309 said:They said from beginning that this game will have NO MOUNTS!And now they are here....I'm a old GW1 player and i'm a bit dissapointed

I wish people would stop saying this. Anet NEVER said there would be no mounts. They only said there would be no mounts at this time.

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@Blockhead Magee.3092 said:I think mounts are a bad idea. GW2 is becoming less unique by this move. The WP system is far superior and watering it down with the addition of screen clutter is disheartening. I wish they had used their development time for something else - anything else.

Using WPs as a primary form of getting around a specific map wasn't unique either, and actually means people see less due to just porting around and seeing loading screens. GW2s mount system is different than how it's done in other games, it's actually going take me a bit to adjust to how mounts turn, where as the WP system is... well... the same as every other WP system.

It's understandable if you just don't like mounts, but uniqueness as an argument not to won't make sense. I personally had been indifferent, made no difference if they were added or not, although, since they are adding them I just hope they do a good job with supporting mounts in the future with good quality alternate appearances.

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@ardasica.4531 said:Yay! My first thumbs down for indicating I would pass because mounts are mandatory. Which they are. I'm sure ANet isn't crying into their soup because I'm not purchasing PoF.

I wouldn't get bent out of shape for down votes. They don't do anything and are almost like a badge of honor having an unpopular opinion.

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