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How to Dance, Volume 2?


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It's been several years since How to Dance, Volume 1 was released and I'm curious if there will ever be a Volume 2? Given the title of the gizmo, I thought for sure there would be multiple volumes and yet---it's been ages since the initial release of Volume 1.

As a holder of Volume 1 who spends most of my free time creating dancing chaos in capital cities...I'd really like to expand my sweet, sweet moves. ANet doesn't even need to continue the initial series. I'd personally be okay with a "History of Dance" series and/or trilogy where we learn the moves of Heroes from Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall (see

for reference). I'd even pay double if I could score the Collector's Edition dance moves of my old Dervish and Paragon (give me that disco ball and confetti bomb, yo). Now, I understand there would be a few snags in this idea on account that some races would look...clunky? Abnormal? Unnatural? Take your pick---while doing some of the old dances. A Charr male flipping around like a Prophecies Monk or a tiny female Asuran bending their itty bitty body like a Factions Ritualist as two examples. However, a male Norn dancing like a Prophecies Warrior and a male Sylvari doing the Prophecies Necromancer dance would be delicious and should, in my opinion, be a thing.

I went a little off topic. :/Sorry.

Point is, should there be a Volume 2 or other dance gizmos added to the world of Tyria?Would you buy such a thing?What kind of dances would you like to see?

***Disclaimer: I've been on hiatus for over a year and just recently returned. If this has already been discussed, I apologize for not realizing it.

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