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[Suggestion] Revise back items to be treated as armor, not trinkets.


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  • They do not show on character select screen.
  • They can not be dyed (even in cases where a matching glider skin can be).
  • They are not affected by auras that affect all other pieces of visible armor, such as the Halloween jewels/infusions.

I assume from this that the back piece was not originally planned to be visible on the character since other trinkets are not.

Suggestion:Revise back items so they are classified like armor pieces within the game, rather than trinkets. Naturally, this should be followed by revising visible trinkets so they can be dyed (where appropriate), affected by auras, etc., in line with other armor pieces.

Edit:After seeing another thread, I would add to this that trinkets might all need to be reworked in some way with the addition of legendary trinkets that create visual effects on characters. I still think back items should be the priority due to the vast number of visible back items already in the game.

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