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Setting up a Chrono


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With my return to the game a few months ago, I decided my main would be my reaper (ah ha), but have grown some fondness over the chronomancer and what it has to offer. But, outside of metabattle, I am not sure how to set up a chrono and what to use specifically. I would like to be able to use my chrono in WvW more than anything.

Any recommendations for weapons/build set up? (I know Mirage is coming soon, and have tried it, but it didn't fancy me like chrono did) Stats?

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Metabattle is unfortunately one of the only websites which provides a wide pool of builds for all game modes. Pve there is quantify (and other raid guilds) but there doesn't seem to be an equivalent for WvW, at least none I'm aware of.

You really want to wait until PoF releases, mostly due to incomming balance changes, new stat combinations and new elite specs. It's 4 more days (and probably 2-3 weeks until first meta builds are worked out as well as initial balance passes are over). The other reason is, chrono is about the most expensive class to gear at the moment due to minstrel, commander and trailblazer gear being very expensive (and usually used for chrono support in most game modes). Unless you want to pure pewpew, then go with berserker (still expensive) or rabid/dire (condition damage builds).

If you absolutely want to chrono, check out some of the budget build chrono guides (most are for pve) on youtube and work off of those. You really don;t want to be droping 100+ gold on a set which might become obsolete in 2 weeks or so.

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