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EDIT: well now i can log in... chalk that one up for being really weird.

~~Was logged in and went to switch characters a few minutes ago and couldn't. Stuck on character select screen, so I turned off the game and turned it back on. Now I can't log in to launch the game anymore, says an 'error' accrued.

"The account name or password you entered is invalid. Please check your information and try again."

However I had my log in saved so I know it was correct, also cleared it and typed it back out and still says that. In the corner of the window it has...

Build: 84934Error Code: 11:1000:7006:1245~~

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Something screwy is going on. Here's my best reconstruction of the last few minutes:

Get core dailies done.Work on Wintersday dailies -- player snowball hits, opening gifts, donating to orphans. Get 15 gifts ready for orphans, along with some snowball packs, and mistakenly head to Metrica to hit skritt before realizing oops, it's players.Return to DR, hit a friendly mentor three times, start the orphan rounds.Game announces new build soon.Notice guild and whispers chat is super laggy.Have someone I'm whispering with -- someone I haven't seen in like a year so I'm super happy she's hailed me -- confirm chat is laggy for her.Game crashes as I hit enter on a whisper.Try to head back in after launcher autoloads new build on the crash (no input from me to relaunch), only to have my password unrecognized.Notice the field is blank, retype my password.Get a notice that I haven't authenticated the login, click to have an email sent to me.No email arrives but I notice I am now logged in.Try to enter game again. See the Metrica load screen and wonder if I've been rolled back.Crash out without entering game. Notice pops up that the game client can't reach the log-in server.Give up because I have tabletop starting any minute and was just trying to get the dailies done.

The above is not a complaint. Well, it is, but not an upset or ranting one. I'm sure I'll get my dailies in before reset tomorrow. Hopefully it helps the troubleshooters to see the sequence of errors I listed.

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