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EU Player LFGuild: PvX, Gunnar's Hold, Mostly Casual


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About Me (Short):Mature and pretty chill Canadian, English speaker (prefer using voice comms than typing), GMT +1 (Norway), usually online at least a couple of hours each day after 16:00, more on my weekends.

What I'd Like:I'm looking for a smaller, pretty tight-knit guild of mature folks who just enjoy playing GW2. No language rules as far as kittens are concerned. Rep requirements don't matter to me as I'm looking for a main guild. Discord is much preferred over other voice programs. No forum activity requirements, please. I would like to see a main server for WvW play (I'm willing to switch as long as it's not full) but not a big deal if we won't WvW often.

More Info:I'm up for playing any game type and am more apt to stick with any of them for a longer period when playing with other people, but I generally swap between PvE, WvW and PvP as needed (achievements, crafting req.'s) or just to keep the game fresh. I do prefer PvE and will likely play mostly that as PoF releases.

I'd really like to try raiding and PvP leagues but haven't done either yet. I'd prefer to play with folks who wouldn't mind trying these or work together to form some decent groups.

I generally run builds that are as close to meta as possible but love to switch things up and have no issue with adjusting as needed. I'm not absolutely perfect with rotations and do not use DPS meters but have (or prefer to have) a good overview of my class, build, role, and rotation prior to using them. I have at least one of every class and usually run them per game type or situation (Mesmer/Thief for dungeons, Ele/Engi for PvP, Guard/Rev for WvW, you get the idea).

I'm generally experienced in many areas of the game but I do not have every detail of every dungeon, mission, fractal, achievement and map memorised for things like speed clears. I would love to learn optimal gameplay but have no issues taking extra time to complete something or resigning from something we are doing to plan new strategies. I have no problem reading up on fights or instances but I do learn better (and fairly quick) from experiences than text. The only exception is story-related content which I would prefer to experience in-game first.

Sometimes I have to vanish for a couple of days due to work or travelling but not usually for more than a day or two.

If you would like to chat first, please feel free to message me! I am OpLickem.8250 here and in-game or OpLickem#7269 on Discord.


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@CRUMPY.9725 said:Take a look at The Arctic (Arc)We are always on the lookout for new penguins to join us :)https://gw2.guildex.org/view-guild/16951

Haha! Thanks so much for your offer! I've looked at your recruitment page that you linked and it sounds like a really cool guild and falls a lot along the lines of what I'm looking for. I will definitely keep Arc in mind! I just want to give the folks of the guild I joined a chance as they seem like decent people as well, I'm sure you can understand. :)

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