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[EU][Vabbi] The Guild of the Irregulars - casual guild looking for members

M X.2796

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The guild of the irregulars is a rag-tag band of people who don't really know what they are doing. We have no raid experience, done barely any dungeons and our gear is at least a bit better than that of a fresh level 80. So, why would you want to join us? Well, do you fall under any of these categories?

  • Likes leveling new characters
  • Likes going on random adventures (That will probably end in death)
  • Likes being on discord 'til 2 in the morning on a Thursday talking about random things
  • Likes Just banter in general

If your answer to any of those was yes, cool! If not, we also plan on doing these things:

  • Get a guild hall
  • Actually do fractals and dungeons (and maybe raids?)
  • Do guild quests on a regular Irregular basis

We also play a wide range of other games like OW, GTA, warframe etc.

If you feel like joining, you can message us in-game:M X.2796HexielDark.7809or on discord:MX26#4256Hex#5087

Trust us, everything will be fine... Probably.

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