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Error :7:0:0:1026:101


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@Odin.8270 said:I almost tried everything, the error only shows at certain maps ingame, even repairing doesnt do a thing, its the game who has issues not my connections.

Response from another poster:

ArenaNet started moving over to Amazon's servers in June, but were only testing it with a few maps, beginning in HoT. PoF's launch is when they really started to move, with PoF's open world launching entirely on Amazon. Within the following weeks, almost everything was moved over. There are still a few NCSoft servers left, but I personally rarely encounter them. Using -maploadinfo to note the IP, the original NCSoft NA servers begin with 64, while 206 is EU, and everything else is Amazon.

Infinite loading screens can be caused by an unstable connection, which can happen sporadically, and you should notice spots of high latency while playing. You can use PingPlotter(.com) to ping auth1.101.arenanetworks.com (NA) or auth2.101.arenanetworks.com (EU) to try and see where the connection begins to fail, though do note that most of Amazon's network will ignore pings. The only solution for this type of problem is using a VPN to avoid whichever hops are causing the problem. Support has recommended the free versions of proXPN and WTFast in the past, while TunnelBear has been a common choice by other players.

If this is only happening on 1 character however, there have been cases where the actual character was bugged, which only support can fix, but in these cases, the affected character could never load in.

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If it happening to one character and all the other characters are able to login fine I think the troubleshooting step is the prefreset

Please go to your Guild Wars 2 shortcut and right click it, then choose “Properties.”In the line that says “Target,” add a space at the end of the target line and then add the following: -prefreset (with the dash)Your target line then should look something like this: “C:\Games\Guild Wars 2\Gw2-64.exe” -prefresetClick “Apply” and then “OK.”Launch the game and logging into the character with which you’ve been having issues.
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