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[NA][EST][PvE] VoS LFM for Static Raid Group for SAT/SUN

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Vial of Salt [VoS] is currently recruiting for a new team. We are Looking For 7 additional members who are experienced in raiding. The core members have already been part of full clear groups and have been raiding with each other since the release of raids.

Our goal is to get full clears of all wings on a weekly basis. We will also be going for CM on new wings.•We are looking for fully ascended geared DPS, Bannerslave, Chronos, and druids.•We are looking for members that are FRIENDLY, NON-TOXIC, and enjoy joking around.•Discord is our VoIP; we organize via Discord and it IS required. We speak English as the primary language.•We do require potential members to pass a trial run with us.•We prefer raiders experienced with full clears but will consider raiders with some experience with strong mechanics that demonstrate an ability to improve.•We raid from 9-12 PM EST on Sat and Sun. The expectation is that members make as many weeks as possible, but of course we understand that conflicts will occur. We have a strict 3 strikes your out policy.

If you are interested in our static team or have any questions send me a message here or ingame: Zamorak Argetlam.9753. I will set up a short interview so we can talk about your raiding experiences, classes, etc. We plan to trial on Dec. 30 but this time may change depending on the holidays.

Thank you and we hope to see you in VoS

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