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Standard models and the match complete screen


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A very trivial aesthetic concern:I play with standard models. I assume a lot of other players do, too. I want to see standard models while I'm actually in combat with other players.However, during the end-of-match "taunt" screen, I still see my enemies as standard models. This is unfortunate because it means that, when I win, any of my enemies who are also using standard models cannot see that I have defeated them both in PvP and fashion wars, and contemplate their own aesthetic inferiority.

This is a problem for basically no one, just seems like it kind of defeats the point of a dedicated victory screen, eh? The Overwatch victory pose screen, for instance, is basically just there to show off the skins you're using. No idea how hard it would be to temporarily disable standard models during that specific period. Might even be impossible in the engine for some reason, who knows. Just thought I'd mention it anyway~

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