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Full servers in t1 arent as full with lots of activity as you might think. BG have always been "plagued" with lots of numbers during weekends that don't play the rest of the week (we call them "weekend warriors"). But they keep the server successfully full with their weekend participation alone (guess thats the same problem with JQ). While the rest of the week is usually spent solo roaming, defending towers & keeps while being outmanned.

If you want alot of action & easier pip participation the entire week, the best place is definately t2-t3 in NA (EU has even more kills & action than NA per week, but its all concentrated in a single primetime.). You can take a look at the kill counts & stuff just before reset and you will see NA t2 usually has quite a bit more "player kill interactions" than NA t1. It's kind of sad, shouldn't be like that really, but it is.

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