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Superior Rune of the Mad King

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tl;dr the wiki was right, the comparison skill got changed and no one realized that it was referenced by other articles in such a fashionWorth updating the wiki or leaving a comment so someone can clean it up.


(1): +25 Power(2): +5% Condition Duration(3): +50 Power(4): +15% Bleeding duration(5): +100 Power(6): +20% Bleeding duration; summon ravens to attack nearby enemies when you activate an elite skill. (Cooldown: 45 Seconds)

The 6th bonus raven summoning is identical to Hunter's Call, but it doesn't require targeting and will summon hawks on 3 targets within 900 range.Like Hunter's Call, the skill requires a line of sight for the strikes to land or they will be obstructed.Raven summoning does not work underwater.

Frequent wiki contributor Dr ishamael added that comment in 2014 and it hasn't been changed since. I believe Hunter's Call started getting vulnerability in July of last year.

Accordingly, I think the evidence suggests that the wiki was right until Hunter's Call was updated in 2016 and no one thought to double check whether any other articles used it as a point of comparison. It would be more accurate to say that the Ravens use the same animation and targeting as Hunter's Call, which is still true (and probably the main point of the note).

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