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Something unclear about masteries

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New player here, hopefully in the right section of the forum.

I have a problem with the mastery skills, and not sure what is going on:

  • I purchased both expansions (they show as active in the account page on the site)
  • I have not yet completed the main story (I'm at chapter 7)
  • I reached level 80 on my first character today

Right after reaching level 80, my character started training in "Pact Mentor". I was exploring some maps in the Shiverpeak Mountains, and thought I'd look more into it later. Now I reached 635k XP and when I kill something, I get this message: "Your current ability is fully trained and ready to master!". So I click on the bar, which brings me to the Masteries tab of the Hero window. And there, all three options (Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, Central Tyria) are locked. There are some numbers in front (0, 0 and 7 respectively). I can't change anything (not that I can see something to change, anyway).

So that's where I'm stuck. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to hunt for more mastery points? Is my number of mastery points that little 7 showing up next to "Central Tyria"? Starting from now, will all the XP farmed go to waste because I'm still "tracking" the Pact Mentor ability? Or is it a bug? Thanks in advance for feedback.

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In order to unlock masteries you have to do either the first two stories in HoT (through Torn from the Sky) or the first story in PoF. Masteries don't unlock until you do one of those stories.

Each mastery you get requires not only the experience you use to train it, but also a specific amount of mastery points. Generally the further you go in a line, the more mastery points the next mastery needs. Hope this helps.

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As it happens, I had tried to start Heart of Thorns but getting to the Red Fort had proved too problematic (maybe I took the wrong path). It was confusing because I received some XP for Pact Mentor while roaming the Silverwastes.

So instead I tried Path of Fire, and fortunately the first mission was short enough, I got my raptor, the masteries are unlocked and now I'm getting XP for raptor training. I wish they had made it a bit more clear, or maybe unlock Central Tyria from the start. There's a wealth of information to digest when starting the game, and got lost into it.

Thank you for your guidance :)

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