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Game window closes down every few minutes now.

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My game window constantly closes down/diminishes for no apparent reason. It doesn't quit the game, it just puts the window away and I have to open it back up.This happens to me every few minutes or so. I think it's been happening more and more often and, needless to say, it ruins my game quite a bit.

I run it on a SSD in Windows 10, I have also a second HDD and 3 monitors set up and I wonder if that could be part of the issue. The game is installed on the SSD.At first I thought I was touching the Windows button by accident or something but no, it happens even when I'm not touching anything at all, even if I leave the game still for a bit with my hands away and watch it, it'll diminish the window after a few minutes, at irregular intervals.

If anyone has any idea why this could happen and how I could fix it, that'd be great. Thank you.

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