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Building Mesmer for WvW and Raids


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Hello Everyone,

Your friendly neighborhood plebsmer here. So I've been having a lot of difficulties finding/making a decent build with gear that I can use in both Raids and WvW (havoc and zerg).While I don't expect the builds to be the same, I would like to have one set of weapons/armor (not necessarily including trinkets) that I can use across game types, at least until I can get legendary armor/more ascended sets.

I've played support/tanky builds for WvW and enjoyed it very much, however, I currently don't have the experience required to play a similar build in raids. I also just prefer to play DPS when possible (I'm not picky as to whether a build is power- or condi-based), but this clearly does not fit in as well with current mesmer metas. I've tried ragequitting to another class many times, but just can't bring myself to leave mesmer for either game mode (although I do enjoy bags from ele fire staff 5 in WvW).

Has anyone had this kind of problem before? Does anyone have ideas as to what could be a viable armor set for both game modes? Should I just uninstall? Alt+f4?

Thank you!

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