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Can't always harvest Kudzu's Hidden Garden


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After finishing Kudzu I moved a character to the Hidden Garden so I could harvest it on a daily basis without having to wait to get in. Recently I have been unable to harvest. Sometimes it is only a few items and sometimes it is everything. When I login to that character it looks like all of the harvest items are there, but when I try to harvest I don't get anything. Is anyone else having this problem? I have tried leaving and going back in, but I am still having the problem.

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There's a time gate which may explain part of the problem. There's also a bug where the Hidden Garden doesn't give a "no tool equipped" error, and you can "gather" a node without receiving the mats, then it's locked out of gathering unless you relog/pop to guild hall and back. Check that you have a gathering tool equipped, and keep track of how many uses it has left, and see if that helps.

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Yes, I meant that you can only harvest after a set period of time. I have observed some weirdness with some nodes having refreshed and others not when I've made an unusually early gathering run (but still with a daily reset between), but I haven't done enough testing to sort out the details as to how many hours ensures that everything has "grown back."

With unlimited tools, you shouldn't be running into the "ghost harvesting" problem...but that reminds me of another issue I've encountered. If you gather a node and move your character before the gather completes, you'll often fail to receive the materials and lock out the node until the next reset. It makes me think there's some kind of order-of-operations thing that's different about these nodes compared to others, since normally if you jump the gun, you can just interact again. The way I usually prevent that is to keep my inventory open and wait until things hit my bag before moving on to the next node.

ETA: Heh, I started this reply before your latest one, then must have gotten interrupted and missed it. Glad the guild hall trick worked!

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So for anyone that is following this post, I put in a bug report for my harvesting problem in the Hidden Garden area. The GM's are awesome and have worked up a detailed report and sent it up the chain to be fixed. Hopefully they will be able to get it worked out quickly:)

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