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Suggestion: Library

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Signed. Seems like the Home Instance is the ideal place for this, that particular instance needs all the love it can get. (i.e. reasons for being there at all). I feel that the Home instance never fully realized, i.e. a place that is a reflection of a persons journey through the game.

It should have shelves with the books we discovered, it should have trophies, plaques listing certain achievements, statues, a couple of caged animals that we caught, rangers could have a Pen with a few creatures, there should be random NPC's popping up that you have done the Events for and such.

There is some of that, but nearly not enough. Eventually we should get personal housing that we can decorate. I guess Anet is also more interested in Guildhouses now. But we can hope. :)

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@Seiken.3176 said:We need something to store our dozens of books to store them all :

  • a libray item,
  • a library in our home instance,
  • a library hero tab.

If only there was an instanced area that already keeps a ton of books, staffed with lots of NPCs, preferably close to a major hub like Lion's Arch... like the Durmand Priory? Even if you're not a member, there could certainly be a "donation wing" where the Commander gives all the research he found to the Priory which could later be browsed at his or her convenience.My one problem is that I still have the Delaqua book that came from completing Dragon Bash, and it plays the introductary cutscene for Marjory (and Kas, to a lesser degree). There's no good way to store that short of in my bank or my mule character.

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