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Free art! Sketches~

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i'll throw mine in.https://i.imgur.com/E6zyrya.jpghttps://i.imgur.com/1NRz5Zd.jpg

This is Anabuki. originally she was a ranger until a fight with an undead spellcaster blinded her (her pupils were as red as ever, but she could see nothing but black, healers could do nothing as nothing seemed wrong).Rather than live out her days blind in Rata Sum, she put her training as a ranger to a different use, instead of becoming one with animals, she would become one with a being that no longer needed its eyes. the dead.

After a few years of bumbling around trying ,she succeeded. Seeing the world once more, through the eyes of an undead lizard. she would later add wings on the lizard to give her the unique ability to see in "3rd person".https://i.imgur.com/as3r6is.jpgnot to mention summon other minions to see through. This is both a strength and weakness, because while she can still see more than any normal being, should her undead be killed. she's as blind as a bat once more.

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