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New player advice on build and class


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Ok so let me start by saying i bought gw2 on release played for a week, uninstalled, and i'm back now. Im enjoying the game very much and would like some advice.

I only have base game and im pretty sure that determines what builds i can and cant use due to not owning expansions (will buy if i still enjoy at max level).

So i rolled necro and currently im playing axe/dagger dagger/warhorn and enjoying but id like to know if i can get used to anything now that will also be viable when i buy expansions in terms of weapons and skills. i dont plan on much pvp mainly looking for strong pve builds for all content that doesnt require drastically different set ups for everything i want to do. Im feeling a bit overwhelmed by necro which im sure will get better overtime.

Which leads me to next question should i start new class being im only level 10 that might ease me into the game more in terms of viability and easier to play? How are rangers?

Thanks for any help you guys can give!

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Hi! The expansions offer new specializations that are a bit different from the base specializations. First, you can only choose one elite spec at a time. However, elite specs tend to be stronger than core specs and they come along with a new weapon and utility skill set. They also add/change something significant about the way the class plays.

So, for example, the PoF elite spec "Mirage" gains a set of "Deception" utility skills, is able to use mainhand axe, and they replace the standard dodge mechanic with "mirage cloak", which allows the mirage to evade while performing other actions as well as allowing a window to use ambush attacks. With a new weapon, new utilities, new traits, and the mirage cloak mechanic, Mirage plays quite differently from Chronomancer or core Mesmer.

For this reason, you probably won't play your class the same way when you reach level 80 (although you can if you want to).

In answer to your other question, necromancer is considered one of the best classes for new players. Their mechanics tend to be fairly straightforward and the death shroud mechanic as well as access to minions make necromancer one of the most forgiving classes to play. Having said that, I would definitely recommend trying other classes. How else are you going to find what you like?

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For core game PvE I would consider ranger and warrior most effective. on second place would score elementalist, thief, engineer and guardian. Bottom for mesmer (good at max level hard to level) and necromancer (poor dps without elite specialisations). Keep in mind this is my personal opinion.

Each class has 2 elite specialisations that come with the expansion packs., as well as an extra class with HoT (the revenant). You keep your core skills and triats, but get an extra traitline, new class mechanics a new weapontype (with new weapon skills) and 5 new utility skills (including a heal and an elite). This changes your class drasticly. I currently main an engineer. In the core game it played with ranged weapons, turrets and elixers. Now I play melee range in a glass canon style (high dps burst).

I do find this a set back in selecting a class as you can't know early on how your class can play at a later stage. As it also depends on your prefered game mode (exploration, raids, fractals, to name a few PvE modes).

However when you buy the expansions, you'll get a booster to level 80. It means you can create a new character, boost it to level 80 (not permanent yet) and play it in the lvl80 map the silverwastes. You will have access to the elite specialisations for that class (if you got the expansion it came with). So it is relative easy to test the classes at full capacity then. If you leave the silvewastes you can choose to keep the booster and return to the low level (and if wanted delete and create another class) or to consume the booster to have that character max level permament with the whole world open for you.

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