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How to beat FB as a condi scourge


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FB is very similar to DH.Their condi clears/healing are tied to their F2 and their blocks/resist to F3.The main difference is that they got a lot more clears and a lot more blocks while they are in their F2 and F3 tomes phase.It locks them out of being offensive though, unlike a DH.

Most Scourges fight by spamming all their F skills and weapon skills.It is unfortunately the most effective way to stack decent condi damage.And many Scourges get away with spamming because it works against most opponents within range.It is a bad way to fight.I dislike spamming skills and rotations without proper timing and usage under the right circumstances.But without spamming, it is really tough to stack any meaningful condi burst damage with a Scourge.I hated this. There was so much more potential to the F skills without being tied to a big chunk of how Scourge has to stack its damage.

Putting aside my Scourge rants, in general against most classes, one thing that can help is to learn how to bait.

When Scourge was first introduced, many opponents did not know how to fight a Scourge and stood in their shades or stood beside them for long periods 'trading damage' when all they did was to waste damage on our barriers while dying to all the condi spam from us.

As time went on, opponents learned. They learned how to move out of shades. They learned how to bait us into spamming our F skills by coming close to us then evading out and let our F skills go to waste before coming back for the kill.

We have to learn how to bait too. I saw a very good Scourge fight a while back and he showed me how to bait.

Shades. We got 3 casts. Cast it once, force a dodge out of your opponent. Cast it twice, force a second dodge. On your 3rd cast, start your burst rotation.

The idea against FB is to force them into their F2 and F3, then after they reset, force them into their F2 and F3 again before you can kill them.Don't bother trying to burst them when they are in their F2 or F3 phase because they got a ton of clears and blocks on low CDs.Use that time to heal up. They can't attack you either apart from the taunt in F3 so be prepared for that.If they had used F2 and F3 and did not reset early with their elite, feel free to try and fear-lock and load them and hopefully they get caught out and die before they get to reset.Save your F5 for when they are in melee range and trying to burst you with weapons or F1 tomes.

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