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[Suggestion] Alter spawning cycle for meta events that can be jumped by people with mounts

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Is it possible to adjust meta events that use collision/physical blockers to progress to not spawn further links until the event that removes the block has completed?

I was trying to lead a number of newer players through the Foulbear Kraal meta event today in Fields of Ruin (more populated due to it being a daily of course) and they weren't able to participate in the meta because a number of players used springers and griffons to go over the gate before Maybri had a chance to remove it. So they killed weaponmaster, trainer, and had the meta chain almost completely done before the gate came down. It left some pretty poor opinions with new players, who had to sit and watch.

I would think it should be easy enough to resolve by just withholding the next step in the chain (the spawn of the weaponmaster, presumably) to when Maybri opens the gate, not to when PCs end up in the area. That would still allow players with mounts to "catch up" quickly if the meta is going on and they get there late, but it would prevent them from advancing the meta before all players have a chance to walk in the door.

I'm sure there are other meta chains that can be "skipped" to an extent by using mounts - the Balthazar event in AB also springs to mind. Is it possible to review these and have some measure put in to prevent it?

With so much effort and marketing dollars being put into new player acquisition right now, I'd think that making changes to retain those new players and not frustrate them out of the gate would be a priority.

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