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Core game and new player issues


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I don't believe the CS Team is terminating whole accounts, anymore, from use of fraudulent expansion Serial Keys for upgrades to paid accounts; what does happen, though, is having an account inaccessible while the CS Team and the owner work out getting a new authentic Serial Key applied. Who wants to be denied access to their game for a few days/weeks?

New accounts will have the account terminated, of course.

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@costepj.5120 said:

There should be a 10-15$ option to remove the f2p restrictions.

-Buying HOT removes restrictions.-HOT is under $15

Nobody forces you to touch HOT content just because it is unlocked.

And if you join a guild, even without hot content, you can access guild buffs, which isn't touching hot content at all but still getting benefits from owning HoT.


My friend was FTP and I took her to our guild hall for the buffs, she got a message that said she needed to own HoT to claim the buffs.

That's what Vayne said - you can get the benefit from owning HoT even if you don't touch the content.

Sorry, I misinterpreted what he was saying.

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