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[NA]LF casual guild on Sorrow's Furnace (pve,pvp,wvw)

Lone Weeaboo.7263

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I'm a returning player who was on hiatus for a few months because of work but now I'm looking to get back into Guild Wars. I'm looking for a nice casual guild to hang out with, that doesn't have a restriction on how active you should be, and has a good amount of people. I'm mainly wanting to get into pvp, pve and Wvw content. But for the most i just want a guild with a nice community to hang out with and to talk with. I would prefer a non-family friendly/religous guild due to past experiences with them in other games where I unknowingly joined that type of guild. Not that I have a problem with guilds like that though, I simply want a guild that doesn't enforce rules on language use and such at least not to an extreme extent.My handle is .7263

About myselfI like playing video games obviously with my favorites being, Metal Gear Solid, Fallout, Stalker, halo, and most star wars games. I enjoy listening to rock music mainly heavy metal type of rock although I do enjoy bands like CCR, The Rolling Stones. I enjoy watching and talking about the syar wars universe whether it's canon, or legends stuff, I also dabble abit in anime though I haven't been able to watch mutch in the last 2 or 3 years due to starting college, the most recent series that I watched was GATE. I will also be getting a new PC which will be my first real gaming pc since I've been stuck with the same best buy potato of a computer since my freshman year back in 20 11 and am very excited to get into more pc intensive

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