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Is someone working on API?


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I'd like to advocate for reviving the work on API, at very least keep the current API updated with new items, achievements and season information. I was hoping to build spvp oriented website but absence of current season info right from start breaks the whole concept. In my opinion API really should be first class feature since websites like gw2efficiency and apps like gw2taco help keeping the community engaged.

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There are also a few errors, with items listed in /commerce but not in /items.> @witcher.3197 said:

I'd like to know aswell. Haven't seen a dev comment here in months and I'm wondering if API development just got dropped silently or not.As I recall, @Lawton Campbell.8517 was training up someone. They might have other priorities (or prefer not to post publicly as often as LC did).

I'd certainly love to hear about the state of the API. As others have said, it's become a critical component of the game now; we all depend on it to a much greater degree than any of us probably realized.

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