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The Alliance of Fun [FUN] is recruiting!


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Hello!We´re a relatively new PvE guild with around 25 members, and we´re looking for active players who enjoy the game and like to spend hours chatting on both discord and in the game.

While we´re also recruiting more experienced players, we´re currently focused on helping the new players in our guild. This means that we do weekly guided fractal and dungeon runs and regularly farm gold together. We´re also happy to help others with any problem they might have. So, if you´re a more experienced player, you should be helpful and have some patience, because we wont do any speedruns or raids anytime soon.

Just like every other guild, we do have some rules, but they´re pretty simple. Aside from the fact that you should be active, we also have a discord channel which loves to get some attention (and you hopefully love to get information). We post all the information about current events there, and you´ll also find a tab for new players, which explains the basics of the game. If you dont join, its no problem for us, but you wont get any information, and your access to the guild will be restricted. Don´t worry, discord doesn´t bite, and you dont need to talk :)

One big topic with many guilds is the guild hall. Its essentially a gigantic home instance for the entire guild, which includes its own market, a pvp arena, and many other things. But all of those features aren´t free. Due to that, we have to ask all guild members do regularly donate a small amount of gold or material for the guild hall. This cost can easily be covered by doing the dailies once a week, or joining us for our farm train. And trust me, its worth it :D

We´re a mix of all age groups, and a mix of all timezones. That might be annoying for some, but for us it means that there is someone online at almost any time, and you´ll rarely ever have to do something alone. About the age issue: If a person behaves childish or inappropriate, they will get a warning, and will eventually be kicked. However, we won´t ask about your age if you join us :)

What are our requirements for new recruits?-You should be active, and like chatting or discussing things

  • especially as an experienced player, you should have some patience for the newer guild members :)
  • you can follow the rules - and help developing new ones, or adjusting the current ones to work better
  • you are not afraid to use discord and join our conversations there. Your opinion is needed with many things, and we don´t bite ;)
  • And finally, remember that this game is supposed to be fun- not an endless discussion about which build is better and which dungeon can be farmed faster ;)

If youre interested, you can message me ingame or just write a post here :D

We´re an EU-based guild, so only players from EU-based servers can join!

I hope to hear from you,Smiley

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