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Weekly Play On Live [12/20/2017]

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@"Raymond Lukes.6305" said:This is our last play on live for the year. What game got you into gaming? I had played games for a long time before I played Shadowrun for the Sega Genesis. This game opened my eyes to what games could be and I haven't looked back since. Reply with your gate way game and what world you play on and we'll hop on the first world. Even if someone already answered I'd love to hear your stories anyway.

Shadowrun - one of my all time favorite games. I'm kinda sad nobody has grabbed this title and "modernized" it for current systems. As far as the 1st game I played, I really couldn't tell you, but was most likely pong for the Atari 2600 lol. I was 5 or 6 when Atari came out, so my memory is kind of shot.

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We were too poor to afford the Atari's, but I did finally get a Nintendo and can fondly remember staring at the wall of game "cards" at Toys R Us. I say "cards", because you had to pull the little cards out of the plastic sleeves and bring them to the "special room" at the front of the store where they would sell you the actual game.

But honestly, the games that truly got me into (video) gaming were pen and paper RPG's AND the SSI Advanced Dungeons and Dragons computer games.

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