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Common Sense Temporal Enchanter


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Dear ArenaNet developers,I'd like to propose a change to the functionality of Temporal Enchanter with Portal and Veil so that Resistance and Superspeed is applied to allies interacting and passing through Portals and Veils rather than only to those standing directly on them during initial placement. I should preface by saying that I don’t know of all the technical intricacies that would need to be navigated in order to make this a reality, but I can speak about the potential pros and cons this change would introduce.


  • More intuitive user experience
  • Encourages active gameplay and group coordination
  • Supplementary veils are no longer wasted if cast in quick succession due to issues with reapplication of Hide in Shadows


  • Developer man-hours spent on a non-game-breaking issue
  • Balance considerations with Resistance uptime if exploited (see Temporal Curtain for possible solution)

That’s all I’ve got. I’m open to comments and questions you might have and would be more than happy to assist in making this a reality.

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