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[EU] Returning player looking for a small, active guild!


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Hello there!

I decided to pick up the game again after a year and half break. Before I quit I had been playing the game for about 4 years so I guess you can say I was burn't out lol. I'm mainly a pve player so I mainly did, fractals, raids and world events. But I do also enjoy going into wvw and doing some pvp. For now I'm just playing through the expansion and just getting use to the game again lol. I'm looking to join a small guild as I prefer having a tight community. Also would prefer one which is more pve based but PvX is fine. A discord server would be awesome but its not a necessary lol.

If you got any questions please message me in game Keanse.6592 or message me on discord Jayce Morghulis#4590!

Thank you o/

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