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How did Weaver benchmark increase without any buffs? (only Ice Bow)


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Let's ignore Lightning Hammer and focus on Ice Bow.

LN has benchmark before the Wintersday patch:https://lucky-noobs.com/dps-tabelle-07-11-17/

Arcane doing 42k:


Air doing 41.3k:

SC's benchmarks were similar, as far as I recall.

Now take a look at SC's benchmark after the patch: https://snowcrows.com/benchmarks/

Air now pulls ahead quite a bit for some reason, at 44.4k (I'm looking at Ice Bow since that's what people were using before the patch), while Arcane is 43.3k.

Staff Weaver was completely untouched by the patch notes. So how did the benchmark increase by more than 2k for Air Ice Bow?

Is it just RNG grinding, so that the average dps shouldn't have changed at all?

Also note that the benchmark was around 48-49k on release. Then it got a nerf to Ice Bow, and the change to Grace of the Land. But now, at 44.4k, if you assume we have the 10% from GotL it's back to 48-49k. So (in terms of the benchmarks) it's as if the Ice Bow nerf never happened!

(The disparity for small hitbox is even greater, but that's probably attributable to Lightning Hammer vs. Arcane Blast.)

edit: this

was probably one of the highest pre-patch benchmarks, at 42.5k. But 44.4k is still quite a bit of increase from that.
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Well, staff ele was always an RNG god, meaning that you can pull 40k dps or 45k dps doing exactly same rotation. Its benchmark was always about getting as many hits on meteors, glyph of storms and icebow 4 while cancelling as many aftercasts as possible.

Players see good numbers and they call ele op, demand nerfs or similar, but in reality it's just a gamble with number of hits on those skills.

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Current golem in training area has silly hitbox sizes, bad breakbar and does not show the final dps tick - so bursty builds which start high will finish higher. It's a mess compared to old one and I don't even use it anymore unless for a rough estimate. The one good thing about it is being able to replace the golem with same options in one button.

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