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constantly being asked to authorize log in ?

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If you have a dynamic IP address, and are using email authentication, it will ask you to authorize each address. If you check the 'Remember this address' each time, it will eventually learn the range, and stop asking.

You can change to 2F Authentication, but it will still ask you until the static or range of dynamic IP address(es) is remembered/learned.

If you have other concerns, you can contact the CS Team via the 'Support' link above/below and 'Submit a Ticket' for assistance.

Good luck.

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@caveman.5840 said:soooo I keep being asked to authorize log in by email recently like every time I log can u tell someone has tried to login to your account on another computer ,,, how should I protect my account ?

You can see recent log-ins, as well as a list of authorised networks in your account settings - simply open your account page and go to the security tab. If you see a suspicious IP address / location, you might want to double-check with the support team or change your password, just to be on the safe side.

That said, GW2 uses undoubtedly the worst implementation of the two-factor authentication in my gaming experience. It is incredibly poorly executed and keeps bugging you after every single change - even the smallest modifications will trigger it. Simply restarting your modem will require you to authenticate again. It is incredibly annoying.

To be more precise, it's not a problem with the authenticator itself, but rather with the game client. If the account settings are any indication, there is a limited list of authorised networks and the game simply removes older entries as new ones are added (that's just my assumption as to how this system could be as messy as this). It gets much worse if your ISP is a large nation-wide operator who may be using a huge IP range across multiple locations in your country - which is my case. On average I have to authenticate every 2-3 days - checking the little 'remember network' box has no effect whatsoever.

I use authenticators for several other games and never have I seen such a poor implementation as we have here...

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