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Unable to log onto one character code 7:0:0:1026:101

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So I tried the -prefreset option and unfortunately, it still doesn't work. I am in an infinite loading screen loop and none of my characters who need to log onto the Iron Marches zone on EU Desolation cause the game to stop progressing through this screen.I submitted a ticket but I think CS will get back to me on January as per their tweet...I love this game, this is really unfortunate.

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The CS Team works 24/7/365, so I would not expect January, for sure. I just had an interaction with them, and received a response within seconds.

Here's a quote from yesterday's email:

Dec 23 at 10:45 PM (PST)We're here to help you 24/7! If another issue arises, feel free to contact us again. :-)


GM Ultra ViperGuild Wars 2 Support Team

(That tweet is regarding the Devs and regular staff, not the CS Team.)

Good luck.

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Hi everyone,

I hope your Xmas holidays were great and your upcoming NY celebrations will be even better.

I formatted my PC, reinstalled GW2 from scratch and listened to some advice from GW2. They've been relatively slow but helpful.

Unfortunately, we haven't, for the moment been able to fix my problem. We've tried using the Game Advisor solution, doing an "MSCONFIG" startup disable, resetting my router multiple times but no luck.

Suggestions, anyone? Everything and anything constructive will be so helpful.

Thanks all!

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It's possible to get stuck in an invalid map, which makes it impossible to load the character. Worst case, support has to actually fix the character. You can also try to guest to a different server in an attempt to get into a different instance. Use -maploadinfo to check which IP you're on and what it's actually doing.

Try running the game on port 80 or 443 (-clientport 80). To be complete, try a VPN. TunnelBear is popular choice, while proXPN and WTFast are recommended by support.

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Hello community,

I listened Healix's advice (used a VPN) and Iron Marches booted up instantly. It's rather annoying but, what is done is done.

ArenaNet assured me they shall escalate the matter to see why I cannot strangely log into this one map on Desolation EU (Iron Marches). That damned Mastery Insight.

This has been stressful and I really don't want to be locked out of one area simply because I cannot log onto that IP. Pft.

Thank you all for the support!

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