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Why are Servers not working together?


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@"Zhuul.1759" said:People lose against T1 Rank1 occupying Blobgate and people lose against T2 Rank2 Occupying Maguuma.

So why are Servers not fighting together?Would be more interesting for everyone and that was the original Idea behind the 3 Server Concept.

JQ and Mag was 2v1 Blackgate 2 months ago.But fail

ps : Blackgate win lots of 2v1 from 2012~2017 ( already happened 4 or 5 timesEvery 2v1 is training BG pugs strong and strong"

Big thx OnS SF KeK TW training. B)

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Ages ago, during one of the official tournaments, JQ & TC teamed up against BG successfully for several weeks. And it was simultaneously glorious and horrid, successful and epic fail. Getting a couple of hundred competitive PUGlings to stick to the plan hour after hour is exhausting; people like fights wherever they can get them, sometimes more than "winning." While in other matches/tourneys, BG felt uber, in this case many felt powerless to have any impact on the outcome.

So it's a fine short-term tactic for high-stakes match ups, but it's hardly something that people can manage week after week. Especially for the folks that need to coordinate between the alliance. It's just easier for the top two in the match to mop up the third side.

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