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Fan Art by MaeeveArt


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Hi everyone =)

Maeeve is my nickname in games and in Guild Wars 2 especially (I have 14 characters called like that.. #altaddicted). I got so used to it that I decided to keep it as my Art alias: MaeeveArt!

I spend my free time doing digital art and recently I've stepped into Guild Wars 2 Fanarts so I wanted to share some of them with other fans!

Human Warrior Pencil LineartAsura Engineer Detailed PaintingHuman Necromancer Sketchy PaintingSylvari Necromancer Sketchy PaintingSylvari Thief Detailed Painting

If you're interested to see more of my work, or if you'd like to commission me you can visit My Portfolio or drop by my social pages Facebook / Instagram and say hello, while we eagerly wait for PoF to hit! >.<

Thank you for watching <3

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