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Premium items redundancy and no ways to utilize additional items w/o contacting support

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I think it's rather an oversight in some aspect but I still believe this problem should be addressed. Also, it's not a life or death kind of problem ;P

I was opening BLC months ago and I've got 2 Royal Passes for 2 weeks and same thing happened months later from that point (this December) and I've got another 2 same passes from Season 1 Memory Box - Flame and Festivals. Moreover, my account is already 5 years old so I was granted in September with Anniversary Lounge Choosy Box from which I can pick one of 3 temporary passes and the problem is I already own permanent versions of exactly 3 passes (2 in shared slots, so all characters are using these) you're getting in that box.

And that's the problem: I can't do much about that beside stashing these in my Bank. There are no other choices for me beside contacting support in hope someone will help me with that or deleting items which is the last thing I'd like to do. What I would want to do is either an exchange option for these items in-game, for passes I can use (I'd like to see Lava Longue or Noble's Folly) or gifting option so one of my friends could enjoy these premium zones and maybe even in the end buying permanent passes (if these will be on rotation).

I don't know if it's possible to check which items player owns before it opens a container or gets premium item in other ways (anniversary gift) but this should work in such way - bit like wardrobe unlock. If I have something already, offer me something I don't have or ask me if I want to gift it to someone else (if of course the item type allows that). That would also easier support life a bit.

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