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Server consolidation? 1 up, 1 down? Immersion?


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Consolidate servers from 24 (current) to 9 = 3 tiers-Rename the servers to eliminate any nostalgic server pride issues.Open the servers for a short period and let the WvW community heal itself? :/

Re-Implement Glicko system-1 up, 1 down has turned out to be a very bad thing. Servers are tanking matches to avoid BG. The immersion is gone - There is no reason to play this "game mode" in many people's eyes. The fights are "fun" and it's the only reason WvW hasn't completely imploded.

Remove Auto Upgrades, Structure Tactics-Automatic upgrades and structure tactics break the immersion as well. It used to be fun for smaller guilds to invest time and gold in upgrading and defending a tower/ keep/ camp etc. One of the things that appealed to me many years ago was the "Tower defense" element of WvW. All of that is gone now and there's literally no incentive to do anything but "Blob up" and KTrain, or fight during Prime-Time (If you're fortunate enough to be able to play during that time)

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Consolidate servers:Well, there are currently already a que in my server on prime, so I am guessing you think that servers with low tiers should all be merged, in such a way that people dont get split from guilds etc? Either way, I dont know how it is on lower tiers, but dont low populated servers usually merge with big servers? Dont think there will be only 9 servers tho. As explained, I think at least Tier 1-2-3 have a que around prime on almost all days, so would make wvw horrible......not totally pulling down idea down tho, the current servers are a too many.Glicko System:Sorry I dont follow here, how would re-implementing the system not do that? And what is BG?

Auto Upgrades:I personally like how it is now, way better than how it was before. There was no reason for 1 person or guild to invest individuals gold etc just to get a tower ranked up, now it is determined by how long you hold it, and most servers wont let you have it to tier 3. And you still need to siege a tower up if t3 etc

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