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Ranger's Entangle skill

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I searched through prior threads but didn't see one relating to this, so pardon if this exists else where.I've noticed, since the inception of Druid, that the Entangle skill and/or the entangle that accompanies the trait "Ancient Seeds" would place all my skills on cooldown whenever it pulses its damage. I've looked high and low as to whether or not the skill (or any other rooting-related skill from the Ranger class) is supposed to proc micro-stuns, but nothing says it does.I know that "Ancient Seeds" come up when the Druid hits you while being stunned/knocked back/etc. (all of which have about a duration of 1 sec only, the most being used are LB #4 and smokescale's "Take Down"). Meanwhile, while I'm entangled, my skills go on cooldown each time the vines pulse their damage, which results in being micro-stunned per second for 5 seconds. Since the tool-tip or other information regarding the skill doesn't state that it should be doing that, I'm considering it a bug. I main ranger, so I've also looked at things in-game to figure out what's the deal with these vines (nothing has turned up).I would like to know whether other players are noticing the same issue as well.

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