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favorite race to play


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If you are on PC (or another device with a higher resolution), took a look to the left and right artwork, look at the lowermost people. Is this even a question?As Yordle and Lalafell, it is clear and simple that I am also an Asura fan. Not only a "fan", I am a hardcore "Asuracist". It is like the ultras for a certain soccer team.

I was almost always the shortest: In Kindergarden, 20 years ago at the school enrolment. It was common for me to be called "Zwerg" (Dwarf) in the family instead of Tobias. During the mid 90s, when we were playing an MS-DOS game called "Das Schwarze Auge" ("The Dark Eye"), a RPG based on the same Dungeons&Dragons derivate, each of the family members got a character, and I was the dwarf of course.

Since then I am diminutive. Now, I am 1.75m and thus a bit more normal in size, but my first character in 2010 in "Leauge of Legends" was Tristana (and she is STILL my main) and later Teemo. The game was full with "Hurr Durr buff warriors with tons of muscles" but I just sat there as 80cm guy in the bushed and killed them with my traps. This "underdog" feel is great, also, they are cute. In September 2013 I created a Lalafell for the very same reason. A Blackmage does not need a huge size in body, but a great mind, and burning down foes or put the biggest monster asleep with my 95cm small Papalymo-clone was just funny. Too bad the races have no real purpose in FF14.

When quitting FF14, I came to GW2 because it was one of two games offering a diminutive race that is not a dwarf. Fat midgets, matted, filthy beards and axes? No. Sorry Gimli. It was TERA (with these badgers) and GW2. I could not decide for weeks straight until I picked up another gameplay video and saw a female Asura lady wearing all pink, waving into the camera and then burning down people with a flamethrower, zoomed out. It was a little, big eared lady murdering all kinds of tall folks. That moment the dice have fallen.

So add all the above here, just add an outstanding lore behind it. A voilá: My Asura has been created. Actually twins, because I dropped Engineer (Zedekk) in favour of my thief (Zedexx). The lore behind the Asura and the way they are represented is beautiful: A race that has a lot of control without actually bullying anyone - it's like today's tech industry. It's not the military that is ruling the world secretly, it's the convient computer industry: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung. I also like literally every body feature of them: Their feet, they claw-like hands, their ears, and overall body stature. Heck, even their shark teeth. After getting used to GW2, I think every other races of video games are super bland.

My Asura twins, both born on 45-Collosus-1300 AE, are not just random characters I would not mind about being deleted or something. They the perfection of what I always wanted in video games and is the glue and the reason for me why I came here, why I am here and why I will be here.


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I picked sylvari but the charr are such a close second it's almost equal, and the asura are very close behind.

The charr are a big part of the reason I got into Guild Wars. My younger brother was playing it one day when I was back at my parents house, doing what I think was the Fort Ranik mission and the charr caught my attention because they didn't look like any fantasy/sci-fi race I'd seen before, and the fact that they were using magic and weapons and tactics implied there was more to them than just being generic monsters. That, combined with finding out it was an MMO without a subscription and a very brief (not entirely accurate) summary of the skill system convinced me to buy it. (Then of course my brother quit a few months later.)

I'm always on the look out for races and cultures I've not encountered before in fantasy. Admittedly I won't avoid a game/book/movie because it's got elves and dwarves in it, but I'm much more interested if it's something original.

I prefer playing sylvari because I like the variety of appearances (particularly skin and hair colours) available and because I find it easier to invent sylvari characters, but I like the others too.

(I don't mind humans or norn either, I just don't find them as interesting although they still have their unique aspects, particularly humans not being the dominant race in Tyria...any more.)

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I really liked playing Female Asura as my main but eventually I swapped to Human only because I found it impossible to play Fashion Wars with nothing but pajamas and other weird outfits that all look alike. I wanted more girly options and there weren't enough so yeah I swapped to Human. I don't think Human females have nearly as much character and are kinda bland but gosh do they have awesome options for fashion wars! AND I can actually SEE the outfits without using a microscope!

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