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I started playing around 12/01/17.

I have one level 70 Elementalist, but I plan on creating more soon.

I have LWS2, HoT, LWS3, and PoF and plan on doing them in order.

I'm a 38 year old male living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and I'm online quite a bit.

I'm not very good right now (maybe should have listened to the advice I read and not started with an Elementalist... oh well, it's what I like), but I'm getting better and interested in a guild that will help me improve.

I spend a lot of time reading about the game and trying to learn.

Right now I have only tried PVE. Once I get better, I would like to start doing all the things including WvW, so Crystal Desert is where I'm looking.

I think I read something about linking servers for WvW, so the server that got linked with CD would be fine too, (I haven't looked into changing servers if I find a nice guild - that's probably an option too).

VoIP is something I'm interested in.

The only MMO experience I have is several years of LOTRO.

I want to do everything. I'm just not good enough yet. Besides the social benefits, I'm really looking for a guild that can help me improve my play and experience the rest of what this great game has to offer.

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I forgot to mention some things regarding the social aspect. I guess I'll just list some of my interests.

  • my favorite thing to do is fly fishing in Colorado
  • my second favorite thing to do is to play poker at Winstar in Oklahoma
  • I also enjoy hiking and camping
  • Mountains > beaches
  • Woodford Reserve makes life more enjoyable
  • I'm almost a scratch golfer, but I don't play enough so I chunk a few chips, have a couple 3 putts, and what not
  • I quit a career in medical device sales to get an engineering degree, so I have a ton of free time these days
  • History > politics/current events
  • GTO is life
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While we are not on Crystal Desert, our WvW server is, in fact, apart of the link out right now (Darkhaven). We hope to get back into swing of our weekly WvW havoc after this week. :)

Other than that, feel free to check out PM; we might be a fit for you. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/777/phantom-moon-pm-na-darkhaven-semi-casual-pvx-100-representation-discord-requirements/p1

Do not hesitate to message me in-game/on Discord/here on the forums if you have questions.

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