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Suggest me a new IN DEMAND Build - Tired of PvE


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I've been playing PvE since launch. My chars are (in order of appearance):

  • Engineer/Asura
  • Guardian/Charr
  • Necromancer/Sylvari

I'm now bored and wanting to try other arenas. So, what's the most in demand profession for WvW? Should I be trying anything else?

I'll probably play as an Asura and bump it up there with a lvl 80 booster. But some tips about what I should be aiming for re role/specialisms would be appreciated.

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There's a post about it here.To quote one of the comments:

Necro (Scourge) --> High condi pressure

Warrior (Spellbreaker) --> Boon stripping

Guardian (Firebrand) --> Heals, stability, reflects, condi clear, general support

Revenant (Herald) --> Ranged burst, dps

These four are essentially the core of any zerg, you can also run stuff like ele as backline dps, mesmer for some utility (invis, etc).

You can also roam on basically anything.

Revenant seem to be a poor choice for spvp, so keep that in mind if you want to use the class in more than wvw.

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@"kration.9843" said:Thanks for the excellent reply.

I've rolled Revenant, mainly as I've never played it before. But it's a good starter for my Necro and Guardian too.

Np. :) Also, pvp/wvw-ers use this site, it doesn't necessarily contain all good/great builds though, so feel free to experiment if you get an idea. The Hammer Herald build there seems to be the meta one for revenant.

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