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[Sugg.] Encourage and Prolong Fights Inside Objectives


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Some of my favorite experiences in World Versus World were prolonged fights in the Lord's Room, either attacking or defending it. Defenders should be incentivized to fight assaulters in the Lord's Room of an objective and manage the Lord's health without the Lord being a direct factor in the fight. Here's how that can happen:

  • Warbanner, a skill rarely used now in WvW due to the massive impact of Winds of Disenchantment, needs to be brought back to the forefront. The Banner should rez up to five allies in the target area, and if less than five are rezzed, the Banner should also rez NPC's (including Lords) up to 50% health so that the total number of players and NPC's rezzed does not exceed five. Increase the Warbanner's range slightly.
  • Decrease the overall damage and crowd control skills of the Lord.
  • Add a buff that increases player's base stats while near the Lord while the Lord is alive. Decrease the WvW guild objective passive buff to balance this Lord buff to be a factor in gameplay, but not too overpowered.
  • Players (both assaulters and defenders) should be unable to place siege within the Lord's Room within a reasonable distance of the Lord.

Doing this will incentivize players to fight eachother directly in the Lord's room rather than rely on siege or the Lord directly. It will also prolong fights and make player on player fighting more important in a successful defense.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Thanks!

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I would also like objective defenses to be more incentivized, but I don't think I agree to your suggestions.

Buffing the war banner, increasing its usage, would indeed mechanically reduce the number of bubbles, plus add another form of team gameplay, so this is good. However, raising a lord back to 50% is just insane (IMHO). Even now, with player scaling, it takes a while for a zerg to take it down, especially with another zerg defending it. With the banner chaining on lord, it would be impossible to take an objective. So while I agree to some buff of the war banner, I don't think it should ever raise lords again (have no opinion about other NPCs).

Also, I would rather have more siege weapon abilities available to bring even more versatility to the gameplay (e.g. give boons...), rather than remove them from fights altogether. Players should try (or be given the opportunity) to play with siege weapon in a more dynamic way. Take the Flame Ram for instance: it offers burn and fear with skill #2, and brings Iron Hide (-50% received damage) with skill #5. Yet, seeing this actually used is quite rare.

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If the only purpose is to "prolong" the battle, then one simple change can "fix" current situation -- allow people to rezz other players (but not the lord) while in combat, like it was possible before. Done. Then your large group will have enough people to rezz downed players and fight will be much longer, so you have to kill overwhelming part of the group (and not be at spawn).

We had "banner rezzes lord" before. What resulted was serial "warrior (maybe with stealth from thief) runs in, banners the lord, probably dies in process but another 10 minutes of dps-ing the lord now". It might be fun done once. But that would happen over and over and over and over. Would rather not.

Limit on siege won't work. a) we already have siege limit in area b) you don't always put the siege in lord's room -- you put it around so it covers all the lords room so zerg has to clear all the siege first before killing lord.

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The scenario I see at a structure currently goes like this:-

Defenders call in blobBlob builds and mans as much siege as humanely possibleBlob MAY, depending on server and commander, venture a few feet outside the structure, remaining within firing distance of all friendly siege and scurrying back into the portal as soon as they lose a player or twoOnce a wall or door goes down, there seems to be some complicated mathematics that goes on but the basic formula seems to be:- If the number of attackers is equal or less than the number of defenders, and if there's 4 or more superior ac's firing on the choke point, then the blob may stay to defend.But more often, wall goes down, defending blob ports.

And that's blob v blob, can't blame outnumbered defender's leaving.

I don't know how you'd fix this. Personally i'd love to see siege damage to other siege heavily buffed, (like it SHOULD have been when they doubled siege hp to allow condi damage to it), and siege damage to players greatly reduced.

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