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Ideas for the next expansion?


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Would be nice if the new expansion would be an actual expansion not glorified living story + some features that end up being cash cows for the gemstore. I'd like to see new PvP gamemodes, maps, new dungeons, new WvW boreder, thing like that.

And underwater combat sucks, an expansion about it would straight up kill this game.

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(1) Dervish and Paragon Classes !!! HYYYYYPE(2) New weapons added to the game : such has scythe, spears (or javelin ), big canon (two handed cannoneer engineer )

huhuhu I let my phantasm spoke for myself but hey ! let me dream plz =D

(3) More realisticly : Obsidian armor and more masculine armor skins for light professions (or more work invested in it)(4) New Pvp mode such as the Hero Ascension in GW1

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I would like a rework of crafting to add...

  1. A RNG factor to crafting outcome,
  2. More variety of cooking ingredients and a vast increase in sea food.
  3. Ways to craft that uses runes, sigils, and other items overflowing in the BLTP.
  4. Recipes for consumable mount food, saddles, and glider harnesses that give minor buffs.
  5. Sailing boat races
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@MattDu.7123 said:

@"Anchoku.8142" said:
  1. Sailing boat racesLove the idea of a sail boats and for guilds maybe crews on bigger ships with gun battles

And taking trixantea.1230 lead with nintendo how about skimmers where you have you go through hoops within a time limit or diving down a deep sea chasm in a underwater version of the glider through roundish rock formation. Same type of way nintendo did it with pilot wings(Own all the story/expansion content but only on season 2 if a similar idea has been implimented in PoF or HoT)

There are adventures with hoop flying circuits in HoT. In season 3 there are LOTS of floating magics you have to catch in the air, in different ways in every new map.

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