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DC in story instances

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I see a fail safe still hasn't been added.

I just dc'd right at the end of Hearts and Minds, HoT.Where you pick up Trahearns sword.

The dc was no more than 30-40 seconds, but was enough to lose all progress for me and my party, as I had opened it.(I see stories still suffer from the same problem dungeons once had until the fix).

I give up on story instances until some kind of dc fail safe is added.They are too long to easily repeat. And it's far too frustrating.I'm sure I'm not alone.

Please do something about the dc'ing in story instances. There needs to be some kind ofcheck points,/saves for finishing various points in the instance. Like beating Mordramoth.Can you also make it that a party member can keep an instance open for stories too?

I enjoy the story...but I give up on it.

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To be fair, Story instances aren't THAT long.Yeah, would be nice if the instance would "change ownership" when someone disconnects. But because different people can have different progression and even different races/choices available, they can't easily make a system that allows for those changes to happen.Especially for the first 2-3 chapters of the Personal Story, that can't be applied, because there's a lot of variation due to the character creation options, so that can't easily be applied, and i doubt they'll implement something that needs to be applied individually to each story instance.

It was bad luck that you dcd, but you're being unreasonable with your demand, and in all honestly, the only person that'll suffer for that is you, so not the greatest demand in the world. Kinda like a kid that refuses to eat until he gets what he wants...

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Hearts and Minds IS long.

It might not be that long to you. ..but if they halved instances it wouldn't make any difference to those who have more play time...it does make a difference however to those with less play time or are more prone to DC's.

I've had it happened 2 times on that instance. And multiple times on the instances running up to it

Wanting a fail safe is not unreasonable.

DCing is not fun. I'll play an offline game before I take the chance on Mords fight again.

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@BaconReaper.5719 said:Have you guys played season 3/4 and Path of Fire? Check points got implemented. I'm not sure if all instances in season 3 got checkpoints, or just the later episodes. But Path of Fire defiantly has them due to 40 minute instances.

I will switch to PoF story and see if this is true. And if they implemented them in a way that actually helps.

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There seems to be a problem when the game swaps from live gameplay to a cutscene. That is when I have disconnects so I don't know if those two things are on separate servers and a disconnect happens or if its just the Amazon servers they went to that are causing these issues. I have been having this issue for a while and the support group just keeps suggesting the same things with no results.

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A possible band-aid fix for all instance missions that involve cut-scenes and cinematics.

  • The Departing
  • The Sacrifice
  • Estate of Decay
  • Victory or Death
  • Dragon's Stand
  • Heart and Minds
  • The Source of Orr
  • Sparking the Flame
  • Ossuary of Unquiet Dead
  • To Kill A God
  • Crystalline Memories

Generally you'll be editing your Host file:

  1. Click the Start button on taskbar to display the menu, and then right click Notepad on it from the menu and "Run As Administrator" or you can Type note in the search box near the start button, and right click the Notepad application and "Run As Administrator".
  2. Navigate to the HOST file directory: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  3. Make sure you have "All Files" set so you can see all the files in the folder instead of just.TXT files.
  4. Once you have the host file open, paste the following line below the existing text: assetcdn.102.arenanetworks.com

Note: If the string above (or one similar to it) located in your host file, you may need to remove it entirely and save the changes to resolve the issue. If adding the string above does not seem to work for you, try changing the line to assetcdn.103.arenanetworks.com instead.

  1. Save the file.
  2. Restart your Guild Wars 2 Launcher.
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