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New Elite specilization- Siren


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So I was curious if this Elite spec would work for the mesmer class when we are introduced to bubbles the water dragon.

I know anet likes to stick with themes that match the lore in the world of tyria, and sirens have been quite a mythical creature that hasn't been introduced unlike the harpies or minotaurs roaming tyria.

I was thinking mesmers with the siren elite spec they could use a off hand war horn to add more of the song like appeal to them, and their clones can "sing" and use the taunt ability to lure people to their deaths. They might get away with using shout skills, but I feel that might be a bit too close to how the tempest was created, so maybe invisible traps might work for them as well where it can create sirens "clones" or do nifty things like cc, will work well with our invisiblity skills as positioning with mesmer has been a key aspect with how we play.

I was wondering what you guys would think if this elite spec would be one of the next elite specs we would recieve as mesmer?

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