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Need help with logitech gaming software

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heya guys,

I have the logtich g900 chaos spectrum gaming mouse a while know. bought it for pvp. I have multiple profiles set up now as I am a multi classer and in some cases play more then 1 build on a class. I quickly installed profiles on the gaming mouse itself rather then internally and then i started reading up on so many more things u can do and one of them is having the ability to appearantly swap profiles quickly with a shortcut key if the profile is of the same guy. So i made 2 test profiles and linked them to guild wars 2, and then pressed in a random button for a shortcut key but the profiles do not swap.

got any idea on how i tackle this problem. because bieng able to swap profiles with a shorcut when i for example want to swap a class or build would really save me time. espically since the loading screen can be long at times, reloggin with my computer is a risky bussiness so i then have to spend time manually swapping to profiles, i will be a detriment to my team.

so yeah why is the shortcut function not working for me?

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