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[Suggestion] Dungeon or Guild instances


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Before we start I want to warn you : This is a post from the French forum, not my own but I was allowed to traduce it, so it can have more visibility. Sorry if my english seem weird sometimes :p Anyway let's go :D

Even if we had a lot of work into guilds, it still need more. Here are some ideas :Raid/Dungeon as a Guild activity :-With a rewards tier system (decoration for Hall / Materials / etc...)-Rewards for guild members (like a new back piece : Guild cape)-A short-story (For exemple, go through the creation of the Guilds in the first GW, or participate into a Battle of Guilds, while we wait for GvG)-With a difficulty level system (something like fractals)

And of course many short-stories, like "Help an ancient hero to ascend", "Kill the traitor of your guild" (where the boss would take the form of a member and the friendly fire would be activated)

Guild Instance :-With a limit of 25-50 players (so it's not like Raids)-A lot of Guild lore related stuff-A reward for every member-Guild achievement linked to stuff like "Kill this beast under 14 min"

More missions :-Classic missions needing 3-5 players-Related to the guild (Kill the corrupted guild member, he got more HP and new spells to fight the group)

More guilds items :-Either a guild rewards track-Either a guild collection-Or simply with a guild merchant or looted on ennemies in guild mission

Legendaries adventures of Guild :-Monthly or Weekly-Every member would be allowed to participate-Rewarded with T5/T6 or even T7 (Deldrimor steel, etc...)-Legendary guild weapon/armor

Give your idea, what you thing about it. I'd like to see a collection for a Legendary/Ascended backpiece, with the possibility to dye it. Or a merchant with different version of the cape.

(Post from dragon.8549)

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