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A Possible Way to Fix Ranked PvP


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  1. Reset everything. MMR, etc all of it back to zero. Players get better over time but it is hard to get better mmr when you are on the losing side more than you should be.Honestly I find MMR to be archaic but I most likey have no idea how the technicalities of how this works, just the barest of insights of it matching you with players around the same score.

  2. Make statistics such as most kills, defense, offense, etc count as 2 points UP TO rank 1600 then count as 1 point only. so if you lose a match in rank 1400but have 3 of these statistics then instead of losing 13 points you lose 7. This will allow the better players to rise to the top because they are earning these statistics(might slightly help out against toxic players who would then be smarter to try and earn these for themselves rather than rage at their teammates and how "bad" they are andchances are if they are ranting and raving instead of playing the match they'll be less likely to get these statistics and be left in the lower ranks).

  3. Removal of pre-mades ALTOGETHER (in ranked pvp only). Let's face it, there are people that exploit the system we have and create two duo teams that then try and queue at the same time in order to create a 4 man pre-made. And worse if they're on opposing sides one them throws the match (match manipulation). By removing duo queuing and the like altogetherthis is a lot less likely to occur. Sadly for those of you opposed to this that do play fairly you can blame those that exploit it. They are the ones that help make thisgame worse by doing as such.

  4. ACCOUNTABILITY players need to be held accountable for their actions. Harsher punishments need to be made towards rage quitters and the like. EVERYONE in that matchneeds to report players that are idle or match manipulate. If you don't want these types of players in your matches then it's YOUR responsibility to get rid of them byreporting them and by making it known to the other team that you have a rage quitter so they can report said player as well so the devs can look better into it and see if thisis true.

Chances are, none of this will happen and this will be lost in annals of the forums.

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This does literally nothing, until they bring conditions in line.

Conditions need to be normalized.-Single player stacking through duration.-Multiple player tacking through intensity.-Rebalance duration damage and application.

Then we can talk about something resembling "accountability".

Until then people dont give a fuck about being accountable.

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Bad ideas all around.

  1. Resets are pointless. It just creates a period of lop-sided matches as players are distributed to their proper ratings again. And in almost all cases, those ratings will be pretty close to what they are now. If anything, ANet needs to remove the soft reset at the start of a season.
  2. Nope. This will just lead to players going after stats instead of trying to win.
  3. Yes, let's do something which failed before and is failing now. No, you need to return teams to ranked; not remove the community completely.
  4. Design an automated system for it. It's extremely complicated. You're better off removing the incentives for being toxic. Returning the team aspect to ranked by actually allowing teams is a great start.
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