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Pvp matching system, what I found during this season.


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It looks like that better you are, the harder the matchup will be. I'm not talking about going to higher MMR with better opponent (in turn harder game), but the matchup system itself.I have several toons and the one I do pvp the best always have 2-3 top stats, constantly rotate and call targets. But nothing really help, I managed to carry games with more than 35% percent of damage+healing+DEFENSE or OFFENSE(most of the time can get only one of them if you know how the sPvp works) to nearly win a lot of times but cannot win... Currently this toon has about 48% win rate.On the other side, funny thing is, other 2 alts, I'm not really good at (sometimes get one top stat that's it) but knows basic, has 60% and 63% win rate respectively .......... I know statistically, the sample is still small, but I would like someone else to do this experiment to prove if this is the right pattern or it's just coincidence on my side.

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