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Multible Iron Marches events not activating, Precursor achievement incompletable


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A few weeks ago, I began working on my first legendary, the Flameseeker Prophecies, and I decided to craft the precursor myself. As you may know, in order to craft a precursor, you have to go through achievements which include completing many non-meta events. You may also know that many of these events take a long time to activate and some of them stall (looking at you, Champion Frainn in the Great Oouo), but they are all (eventually) completable. Except for one.To complete the last achievement before crafting The Chosen shield, you have to do the "Kill the Flame Legion before they complete their ritual" event in Iron Marches. According to the wiki, this event activates every 20 minutes, at :05, :25 and :45. Naturally, I travelled to the place, and waited for 10 mins... 20 mins... 2 hours... but nothing happened. I shrugged and told myself I'd try again later.I tried later that day with no success. I tried waiting for the event the day after, nothing. So I filled a bug report.When I met a handful of other people who were having the same issue as me, I decided to take a closer look at the bug.It is not written on the wiki, but I'm sure that in order for the event to start, the event "Defend the workers as they rebuild Dewclaw Village" needs to be completed. But that event doesn't start, either. The village is constantly on fire, with charr workers running around in panic, for days.I tried to find a similar event in Iron Marches hoping it would bug out and count towards the achievement. I found an event called "Stop the Flame Legion ritualists before they summon an effigy" and I travelled to its location waiting for it to begin. I waited for three hours, nothing happened. So there are at least 3 events in Iron Marches not working.At that point I started getting impatient. I told all the people with the same issue to fill out a bug report, hoping Anet would notice sooner. Every day, I refresh the "Known Issue Tracker" to see if the bug is listed there, but it isn't.Is there some way to get around this problem? Or some way I can help fix it? At this point I'm not only doing it for myself and my legendary, but also for the three other people who I've told I'll contact if the event gets fixed.Maybe if the event cannot get fixed in the close future, you could remove it from the achievements so people can progress towards their legendary. But I think these achievements need to be redone anyway, because there'll always be some event that's bugged out.

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