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Power mesmer for solo PvE


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Looking to do 100% completion and for just grabbing POIs and stuff, I'm interested in a power build. I'm fairly experienced with condi Mirage and it is an incredible class for solo pve, but against trash I feel power would be a bit faster (and lazier). I tried power Mirage using greatsword ambush and sigil of stamina, but the damage seemed really pathetic. That, or I was playing it completely wrong.

If I was to do power, is core mesmer the way to go? I haven't messed around with Chrono much, but from what I've seen Chrono doesn't seem to offer much for pure solo pve. And if power Mirage is really good, can someone please explain how it is played?

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Nowadays the only thing you want is:1) Air sigil (because it doesnt scale)2) All the mounts fully specced (griffon in particular makes it sooooo easy but its not required)

Build doesnt really matter but greatsword damage is vastly superior to anything else when racing through zones as it has little buildup time, you should never even have to slow down running toward trash before they are dead. I did it on my mesmer in WvW frontline power spec with weak damage compared to a zerker and I still roflstomped anything.

Mirage get the bonus of a little better mobility (which is made redundant by mounts), chrono get free 25% speed (which is also made redundant by mounts but every little bit of speed helps) and stock... well it offer literally nothing except maybe squeezing in a traited blink if you dont normally use that in your two main trees.

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