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NA|TC [ELON] |Casual| East Elona Trading Company - Now recruiting!


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Greetings, everyone!I'm making this post here in hopes of finding some new friends to add to our guild family! Are you looking for a small casual guild to experience old and new content with? Do you find yourself often needing help with missions, map completion, achievements, and other content? Just want to chat with some friendly peeps? Then perhaps you should give us a try!

We're the East Elona Trading Company, and we're based on the Tarnished Coast server.

But first... What is [ELON] really about?

Years ago, my fiance and I started up this guild with a small group of friends on tumblr. After being in some failed guilds that had fallen apart from one issue or another, we decided to try starting up something a little different on our own.

We wanted to create a guild that would be inclusive to all, non-restrictive, and full of fun things to do. Not only that but we wanted to make the guild for the people, by implementing a voting system for most of our decision making process.

EETC also recognizes that Real Life ALWAYS comes first, so no events are ever mandatory. Rep isn't required, except for attending events, and we're fully understanding of people from all walks of life.

What we currently do together:

-Help with general PvE content.-Form small strike teams for WvW.-Guild Missions on request.-Casual Roleplay/Storytelling.

What we hope to do once our numbers raise:

-Farming.-Casual Raids.-Form teams together for PvP Leagues.-Re-purchase of an sPvP arena.-STEAM GAME NIGHT!!!!!

As of this Post...

We are in re-recruitment stage, preparing for PoF. Events are currently not scheduled, but a poll will be made soon for scheduling times.

Also, you may note that the term "Peacekeeper" comes up in some of our old content. This is due to the fact that our previous guild was named The Peacekeepers Alliance! We actually JUST got a new name change for the PoF release. :) So be prepared for some minor changes involving that.


-We have a Discord channel, though VOIP isn't required for anything (except for future raids, though mic use isn't a requirement for that).-We have a forum. Created mostly for guides, polls, and roleplaying purposes.-We hold occasional contests with Gem and/or art prizes.-Our Guild Hall is currently the Lost Precipice (most likely will change to the new one coming out). We are level 41.

Final Words:

Please read our rules here before joining. We are 18+ and based typically around evening Pacific Standard Times.

Officers to Contact via mail or whisper:

Captains (leaders of the guild):-Calico, owlbystarlight.6594-Raziel, Raven.8463

Rangers (event organizer):-Shutensou, Shutensou.7162

Builders (organization of Guild Hall):-Tekkeit, ForeverConfused.6395

Stewards (social helpers):-Naiya, LazJones.2138-Cepheus, Cepheus.2957

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